Monday, 8 December 2014


This football is for my Brother it costs $26

This book is for my Mum it costs $38

 This is for my Cousin it costs $50

 This is for my Dog it costs $20

 These are chelsea tickets they cost £87

Sunday, 23 November 2014



What is an internet forum?
It is a website that you can talk to other people.
Have you ever posted on a forum? Explain.
No, haven't go on the sites.
What is a thread?
Messages that have been replayed on. 
What is the forum administrator’s job?
To make sure that it has no bad words on it.
What are some different names for forums?tion
Online conference
Online debate 
Find a forum on and provide a link for:

What do you think the rules for posting on a forum are?
No bad words, No put downs, No inappropriate.  
What do you think the consequences are for breaking the forum rules?
Getting band from this site.
Go to our class forum. Register using your school email.

Post a response to the thread topic and vote on the poll.
Read the posts of 3 others and reply to their posts.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


What 2 things do you always need to say to describe an enlargement?
How many times bigger you have to make the shape.
Where is the centre of enlargement.

What does centre of enlargement mean?
Where the two lines met on the grid.

What is a scale factor?
How many times the shape enlarges.

Explain how to work out the scale factor on a grid, and with no grid. Use diagrams you have screenshot from the myimaths lesson.
Use a ruler on the same line like this

What happens to the angle sizes in the corner of the shape when you enlarge it?

Life ED

Mr JM Ice

. Memory
. Resigning
. Judgment
. Motor skills
. intellect
. connection
. emotions

The four parts of the brain
. Short term
. Long term
. Todays thinking
. Future thoughts

The two parts of the brain affected by drugs
. Short term
. Future thoughts

The big message at life ed is delay the decision till the brain has finished developing which is 25 years old.

 . Faster
. Absorption
. Rates


. Causes the most problems with teenagers.
. And you will get offered it the most.
. And the standard alcohol drink you will drink it will take one hour to brake it down.

There are three kinds of drugs

  • Uppers
  • dowers 
  • all rounders 
All rounders are drugs that can make you a upper or a dower.